Ahoj from the good ship R Tucker Thompson.

Today was an early start, with trainees woken by the engine revs at 6am. The morning started off beautifully, with the sun rising over the horizon and everyone with a hot choccy in hand we headed out of Whangaruru and back to the shelter of the Bay of Islands.

Bashing our way through the swell around Cape Brett, Caitlin, Hayley and Kali came up on deck to get soaked by some spray and enjoy the ride. Cole and Boston went out on the bowsprit and rode through the waves, having a blast while Zayden, Tangaroa, Emmanual, Catarina and Cole were below deck sleeping off their seasickness. Back safely in the bay, we were hit by a big icy squall- which Catalina narrowly avoided after climbing out on the bowsprit.

Anchored up in Motuarohia Island for lunch, we went ashore to play some team building and problem solving games on the beach. Catarina, Jonothan, Hayley, Kali and Eloise went for an explore up to the lookout while Magnus, Tim, Tangaroa, Zayden, Caitlin, Emmanual, Cole and Boston played a game of bat down.

A lunch of curried sausages was devoured and then the anchor was pulled up and we headed out again, this time for some sailing, making the most of the strong winds. The team is coming together, sailing skills getting better each time.

Now we are anchored up at Pipi Bay, with dinner in the oven. We have a treat for dessert tonight, a massive chocolate cake made by chefs Hayley, Caitlin and Kali.

Lots to look forward to!

Po marie