Ahoj from the Good Ship R.Tucker Thompson anchored up in Orokawa for the night after a busy day. Up with the sun for the morning swim and quick deck shower then into duties as the breakfast was prepared. A fine feed to set us up for the day, the Tucker challenge was first up for Tangaroa, Jonathan, Cole and Boston while at anchor, up to the lower yard and steeping out to touch the end with shakes and gasps, all successful. By 0930 the trainees had main, fore and headsails set as we headed out into some wave action with the bowsprit the favourite place, all harnessed up and laughing. A short tack had us heading for shelter into Otiao, a quick dive for a scallop survey then lunch was on deck, dishes and then ashore to Urupukapuka. A short walk to another beach and settled into our 30 minute silence to reflect on our position. Words from the trainees,

“night, exciteful,  ocean, blue, water, moses, world, strong, shells, pumice”.

The hills called us to the tops and views of the Cavalli islands to the north, the voluptuous ocean smashing into the coastal cliffs, a favoured sight for some tumbling down the kikuyu slopes then back to the ship. Washing well dry ready for the morning, sails hoisted and course set for our anchorage. The day ends with some class work , Safety at Sea as we plan an ocean passage in the morning, heading south. Dinner is on the stove, class is quiet with attentive trainees soaking up the new knowledge.