Today was a day full of laughter excitement and fun.
We began the day with a 0700 wake up, the normal morning swim, James being first in the water, then straight into duties, followed by a warmly served breakfast.
We completed a drill on what to do in flooding with the trainees, which taught us a lot on what the bilge pump system does on the ship.
Then it was time for a bit of fun, we completed a line race challenge that Port team won. This team included Tennesse, Hope, Harmonie, Tasman and Tyler and all of them were congratulated with chocolate fish.
All the trainees were then split into three groups were they had lessons on navigation.
Then it was time to move to our new location; Waewaetorea.
On arrival we launched the tender and headed for the beach. Some of the trainees took this time to go for a nice walk to stretch their legs. Others decided to make the most of the hot sun and sunbathe. Some trainees collected shells and made beautiful necklaces.
On arrival back to the Tucker an amazing pasta lunch was prepared that everyone devoured.
Then it was time to get suited up and head to turtle rock or otherwise known as Motungarara Island for some snorkelling through the crystal clear caves, but before we had time to leave we were visiting by nosey dolphins that were wanting to play. The trainees had a great view of them circling the ship and putting on a show for us!
Once the snorkelers were dropped off at turtle rock, some decided to explore many of the beautiful caves and holes the island has to offer, while others jumped off the high cliffs hidden in one of the caves. After about an hour it was time to head back to the ship and get dry. Then it was a bit of free time before we completed our 30 minutes of silence. After that we had a fun quiz which included 20 questions, Tyler completed the quiz with the most correct answers and he was awarded with a ginger slice, while Tennesse and Aidan followed in at second place and were awarded some chocolate.
We decided it was time to move to our night anchorage in Orokawa. Aidan and Rebecca were very helpful with the anchor duties. Along the trip to our night anchorage Tennesse, Pearl, Hope, Tyler, Nikora, Harmonie and Jade all enjoyed a long loud game of pukana.
We are now enjoying a beautiful roast dinner before we enjoy our last night together.

Hope to see you tomorrow