Day 3

After yesterday’s small sail, Monday was a bit of a change to what the trainees were expecting.  We all got up at 7 am to start the day; everyone got up and quickly got changed. Nikora, Tasman Tyler and James were the first ones in, Rebecca was stubborn and had 3 buckets of salt water dumped on her. After the morning dip and rinse the trainees headed down stairs for breakfast and to plan the day. The trainees set sail from Mahinepua Bay to Taemaro, learning how to tack, tie special knots and they had turns at helming. It was a bumpy ride for the trainees but succeeded well. We all had cinnamon rolls and hot chocolate for afternoon tea then headed ashore to the beach for a clean-up. Pearl and Harmonie bought back some kinas from diving and Rebecca made a banana cake. We tided the ship, had a lesson on knots, filled in some of our logbooks and had dinner. After the dinner dishes were completed everyone took to the beach for a few games of spotlight. After the game we hopped back aboard the ship for banana cake and hot chocolates. We had a game of mafia with the cards while we ate our dessert, said what our high and lows of the day was chilled till 9:50 then lights out.

Day 4

Due to Monday’s big and exciting trip from Mahinepua Bay to Taemaro we sailed a little more, not too much this time as we travelled for 2 and a half hours to Lane Cove. We started the day like none other, a nice, cold, refreshing dip in the sea water. We got onto our duties reasonably quick, we had breakfast, pulled our anchor up, stowed away loose objects and off we went. We had just left Taemaro we found a diving petrel burrowed up in Tenesses stuff, sadly we had just gotten into a slightly rough area, but we let the bird free. After a few hours of trainees climbing over the boat we had entered Whangaroa Harbour. We had to hike for 2 hours that was extremely tiring. When we popped over the hill we got picked up by a little boat to take us back to our boat in lane cove. We had jumped back onto the ship and people where already to go jumping off the boat for a swim while they waited for lunch. After lunch was quiet, chill out and rest time from 3:00 – 4:30.

Written by Rebecca, Trainee.

Now they wait for dinner having completed a class on weather forecasting and using the phonetic alphabet. Tomorrow we head back to the Bay of Islands.