Kiaora friends and family, today has been a busy day!

7am wake up for the morning swim this morning and Ethan was the first in the water, closely followed by Mikaira. Swim done, chores completed and breakfast eaten we hoisted the anchor and made our way out of the bay. As the sails were hoisted, trainees all had a lesson on line handling and sails.

As we sailed along, Jack, Grace and Georgia headed up the rigging to sit up on the very top. Meanwhile, Nestor, Lorenz, Cole and Matthew went out on the bowsprit to have some laughs. We received a call from coastguard asking for our assistance- a small boat with people fishing had broken down and required help getting back into Matauri Bay. Lunch today was curried sausages, eaten while underway.

Fishermen safely back to shore, we then dropped anchor and everyone except Cole and Kahi went out for a snorkel around the rocks. Luckily for all the divers, Cole and Kahi had decided to be kind and make them some yummy hot chocolates.

Then we hoisted the anchor once again and moved to Mahinepua. Everyone went ashore for a walk up to the trig and then a 30 minute silence was spent gazing across the sea out to South America.

Back on the ship and Ethan, Mikaira, Nestor and Georgia all jumped into the water for some manus and rope swing acrobatics. Now we are about to eat a delicious looking dinner of corned beef.