Kiaora friends and family of the R. Tucker Thompson. A windy and wonderful start to our voyage. After saying goodbye and giving a last hug to families we set sail and headed out into the bay. Trainees were introduced to the ship with an orientation while lunch was cooked. Only half an hour into the voyage and we were sailing on a reach! After an awesome sail over into Te Puna inlet for shelter, we dropped sails and dropped anchor and gobbled mac n cheese.

An abandon ship drill was done and we headed ashore to stretch the legs and burn some energy. Kahi taught everyone how to play some games on the beach while Mikaira decided to be a mermaid in the water. Back on board, we did our 30 minutes of silence- much needed after the noise on the beach. Radio call today was done by Chloe.

We have just eaten dinner and dishes are being done by the wonderful Cody, Ishmael and Jack.

Already day one and everyone is loud and laughing together like best friends.

Ma te wa