We began the day with a light sleep in before diving in for our morning swim, completing morning duties and enjoying a scrumptious breakfast of eggs and porridge.
After breakfast we learnt about navigation and how to get from A to B.
Then it was time for fun and free time!
Many trainees rowed lil tuck while others thought this was a good time to climb the bow sprit.
Some trainees came up with the idea of a rowing race that everyone took part in. Kayla and Grace won.
After the races it was time to relax with a delicious soup and scones for lunch.
We headed towards Mimiwhangata bay for the day after the dishes were done. On arrival we launched the tender and headed for the beach. Some trainees played with the cricket set and rugby ball while some of the girls bonded over the sinking sand on the beach.
After a couple hours of land time we decided to head back to the tucker to go swimming and snorkelling. Atticus, Greer, and Skylar all managed to touch the sea bed bottom which was approximately 4 meters deep.
Eloise prepared an amazing chocolate cake that all the trainees devoured.
To pass the time the trainees started a game of hide and seek and 3 hours later the trainees were still coming up with new adventurous hiding spots. During the game we motored over to our night anchorage in Paparahi bay.
We then launched the tender again and headed for the beach and explored an old Maori Pa site, we also completed a short 15 minutes of silence before heading back to the ship.
We are now enjoying our beautiful spaghetti Bolognese dinner before some night time games then lights out. Ready for our huge day tomorrow!!