First full day on the ship and we’re off to an excellent start!

7am was the time to wake up and go for a wash in our big saltwater bath, Abbey bravely being the first trainee to jump in the water. After a swim, chores were done and breakfast was had. Then trainees were introduced to all the lines on the ship and how to handle them correctly when sailing. Everyone had a go climbing up the rigging, with Tristan, Rivkah, Ocean and Abbey going right to the very top.

Anchor and sails hoisted, we headed off for a sail in the bay, trainees putting their new knowledge to the test. By lunchtime we had arrived at our destination, Urupukapuka Island. After curried sausages we headed off to shore for an explore. Rivkah, Hannah, Ocean, Abbey, Grace, Skylar went for a play on the awesome swing set in the trees while Kayla, Greer, Atticus, Danyon and Shae stayed at the beach for some ball games and explore time. Before heading back to the ship we had a 30 minute silent reflection time in the grass and trees.

Back on the ship and we hoisted the anchor again to head around the back of Urupukapuka Island for a snorkel around the rocks. While everyone else went for a dive, Chae and Tristan went for a swim off the boat.

Warmed up with some hot chocolates, we are now having some lessons on safety at sea as we wait for our dinner to be cooked.

An awesome day of sunshine, sea and new friendships.

Ma te wa