Kiaora Tucker friends and family.

We woke up to a glassy ocean this morning, not a breath of wind- perfect for our morning swim. However it was not so perfect for sailing, so after chores and breakfast we hoisted the anchor and motored off to Motu Kokako, also known as The Hole in the Rock.

With calm conditions persisting, everyone got to go through the hole on the dingy and even interrupted a seal trying to sunbathe in peace.

By this time, a light breeze had picked up- enough for us to hoist the sails and turn the engine off to sail all the way down the coast to Mimiwhangata, our destination for the afternoon. We even got the topsails and gaff topsail flying! On the way down the coast the trainees learnt a few knots, Tristan, Greer and Skylar went climbing up the rigging, Ocean, Abbey, Shae, Kayla and Rivkah went out on the bowsprit, we had a sausage sizzle lunch and did some lessons.

Arriving at Mimiwhangata, we went ashore for a 30 minute silent walk along the beach and then some tree climbing and a game of bat down. Back on the ship, Skylar, Rivkah and Atticus went for a swim and then we devoured a tasty slice cooked by Chynna.

Now we are anchored up in Ngahau Bay with the smells of corned beef cooking, playing cards and talking. Another good day done, looking forward to the next one.

Po marie