Hello from the Ship! Day 5 for our us on the voyage, another day full of activity! The day started with a bit of a sleep in till 0800 (which many needed after a big day yesterday). Then after the usual morning duties, the trainees raised anchor and took the helm. Sails were raised and engine turned off. As we tacked our way up wind the ship “New Zealand Maid” chased us down and momentarily they were met by pirates! Then as they turned away we set our course sail and headed downwind towards Urupukapuka Bay.  Upon arrival all sails were stowed and anchor dropped. Lunch was delicious vegetable lasagne! After lunch, we went ashore to play some more traditional games. We played  Tuwhakararo, Kite, Mutorere, Pa Uma, and Haka Moa. After many hours of playing, we rested and had some quiet time on the beach. After getting back on the ship we had a “pool party” with mega swing, diving under the ship and mean Manus. Then we had cake!!! That Chynna made and Noi, Jordan, and Tor helped ice and decorate. Then, with the last of the day light, Lil Tuc (our row boat) was launched and people took turns having and go at rowing, driving the Tender with Magnus and laughing and singing. Jack was assistance chef and helped get dinner made on time. The vibe on board is very good tonight. All are getting on well. Another game of spot light is planned for tonight after dinner. Check in again for tomorrows adventures tomorrow night!