Good evening friends and family! Tonight we find ourselves in Whangaruru Harbour for the night. Beautiful sheltered calm waters surround the ship as dinner cooks and the trainees play some team building games. We have had a full and interesting day. Being the first morning for these trainees they had their introduction to the morning routine starting with a swim in the ocean. Duties done and breakfast eaten we hosted the anchor to begin putting the mainland behind us. We were going to the visit the Poor Knights Islands! The sea swell had risen during the night and the ship pitched up and down to the joy of trainees. Some more detailed knowledge on line (rope) handling was given before raising sail already on our way to the Islands. Engine off. Wonderful. Nico had the wheel and was later replaced by Jack. A few hours later we arrived at the very special place. A few trainees had felt a bit seasick but in the shelter of the Knights they began to recover. Lunch was had. Then time to dive!!!

Everyone went snorkelling except Quinn and Jordan. They didn’t miss out though catching a ride in on the tender and inside RikoRiko cave. Quinn and Fenja had a lesson in driving the tender under Jannna’s instruction too. Tina and Liv last trainees to get out of the water got the best experience. They were visited by a friendly sealion! Once everyone was back on board we had hot chocolates prepared by Jordan for all. Big schools of fish surrounded the ship and we could hear a chorus of birds singing on shore. As lovely as it was to be there we had more many more miles to go so sails were set again.

Heading towards Whangaruru everyone had a bit of a rest. Fenja and Noi took turns at the wheel keeping us safe on track. Michelle went all the way up to course yard and took in the sights. After a bit of a rest, still underway, the trainees learned the five basic sailing knots. Upon arriving the trainees lead themselves to lower the sails without help from the crew. Very good for the second day. Then Wiremu taught us all some brain training fun games. As I write this they have finished the games and gone in for a free swim… oh and the mega-swing!!!  (rope swing into the water from the ship)

We have had the best weather today and tonight Wiremu will teach us how to read the stars.