After saying lovely goodbyes to the families of the trainees we hoisted the fore sail and headed towards Urquarts Bay.
On our travels we played the name game as a group and then we went through an orientation with the trainees where we told them all about the do’s and don’ts while on the seven day passage back to Opua.
It was then time to lower the fore sail and drop the anchor so we were all able to chill out and enjoy our beautiful lunch of soup and scones.
Once everyone’s stomachs had been satisfied and there were plenty of smiley faces on deck, we had plenty of time to unpack and encourage some climbing up the rigging or bowsprit.
We then completed an emergency training drill where the trainees participated in an abandon ship drill, they then went on to learn more about safety at sea.
It was time to start our journey and move on towards our night anchorage in Tutukaka Harbour, the trainees helped hoist the mainsail, foresail (putting a reef in both sails) and also the head sails,
Nicanor was the first to take the helm, shortly followed by Jordan, Fenja, Michelle and Quinn.
Homemade mueslibars and hot chocolates were handed out to the trainees for afternoon tea, this wasn’t very appealing to some people’s stomachs as the light swell began to affect a couple of the trainees.
Some trainees took advantage of the light swells and climbed the rigging and bowsprit to much of their enjoyment.
We then gathered the trainees and they participated in a few more lessons of anchoring and recycling before enjoying a few games of the human knot and another unique name game.
The trainees enjoyed a 30 minutes of silence to reflect on the day and the many days to come ahead.
As we round the corner towards Tutukaka we wait for the call to lower the sails before we anchor.
On the menu for dinner tonight is most trainees favourite- spaghetti Bolognese.  Our first night together is close with much planning tonight to decide what we want to get out of the next six days!