We started off our day with the normal routine of the morning swim, morning duties and then a scrumptious breakfast of eggs, spaghetti and porridge.
We completed a lesson on weather before hoisting the anchor and setting a course for Mimiwhangata bay.
During the trip over the trainees also had lessons on buoys and beacons, the rules of the road at sea and also navigation.
On arrival we lowered the anchor and launched the tender.
The trainees were able to have a nice warm hot chocolate before we left for the beach.
Matua Wiremu introduced many Maori and strategic activities that the trainees couldn’t get enough of.
After the games we made our way back to the ship welcomed with the beautiful smells of our pizza lunch which everyone devoured.
Then it was free time!
Noi, Christina, Jack and Liv went diving and came back with some kinas and crayfish. Quinn and Jordan watched on the dinghy and had a few lessons on tender driving and Tor, Nicanor, Sia, Fenja and Michelle stayed back on the ship to complete the tucker challenge. Michelle even got into the galley and made a beautiful ginger slice for everyone to eat for desert.
Then the trainees gathered in the saloon around the table to complete their logbooks followed by their 30 minutes of silence which everyone enjoyed.
Once they were finished more of the trainees decided to complete the tucker challenge, the next people up were Noi, Christina, Jack, Liv, Quinn and Jordan, This means all the trainees have completed the tucker challenge, congratulations guys!!
Dinner was served and everyone enjoyed an amazing boil-up meal for Tea.
We now plan to take the trainees to the beach for a night time game of spotlight, then when we arrive back to the ship we plan on enjoying our delicious pudding before lights out.