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Today we arrived in the Bay of Islands! Our day started as usual. The trainees gathered to get the weather forecast and prepare a passage plan to sail north. With favourable Sou’westerlies forecasted for the morning, All hands on deck, wasted no time in raising anchor and raising sail. All the Sail! Soon after the main, fore and heads were set we turned off the engine. Next, confident climbers, Nico, Noi, Sia and Tor, went up the mast to lose the Top Sails. The remaining sails were set with a steady 4 knots and a max speed of 8 knots at one time. Still there were many Nautical Miles to cover and as planned it took til lunch time to reach Cape Brett. As the wind direction changed to the West and it’s speed increased we took down the Square sails and the gaff-top-sail.

We saw great views of the Hole in the Rock as we turned left into the bay (although some began to feel a little sick with the building seas). Lots of other sailing boats were out there too making their way back down the coast after racing up in the Coastal Classic.  Fenja and Jack and Jordan took turns at the wheel bring us into the back. As we reached Albert channel all sail had to be taken down and stowed heading straight into the wind. We finally dropped anchor at Moturua Island. Tina, Quinn and Noi helped peel some potatos and the Tender was readied to go ashore. Moturua is a nature sanctuary and on shore the Trainees learned about the work being done by Project Islandsong with biosecurity to keep the native birds and plants protected. The trainees completed the whole island loop track. We rested at the gun emplacement located on Moturua island, here the trainees participated in a few challenges and games. They enjoyed planking competitions and a few other activities before having to climb up many more hills.

Finally we made it to the end of our track, where the tender waited for the extra tired trainees that were very excited to get back onto the ship. On arrival we hoisted the tender and were welcomed with a beautiful silverside meal. The trainees were even able to have a side of crayfish for dinner. After the long day we’ve had the trainees are all relaxing and bonding before we have an early lights out tonight which their all looking forward to.