Sunset in the Bay of Islands

We have had some updates from the ship!

Yesterday morning the trainees settled in for some class lessons learning about the ship, phonetic alphabet and fishing regulations. After some warm chocolate brownie everyone went for a snorkel in the super clear water. Rosie and Ellen were a bit nervous to start but soon got into the swing of it and glad they went with the group. The boys were all ace divers!
After lunch they set sails, with Symphony and Te Ao Tu Roa leading the way, and headed for Mahinepua. Jayden completed the Tucker Challenge by reaching the end of the yard and was the first to do so. Well done Jayden! Whilst out sailing they all learned some ship manoeuvres each taking it in turns to adjust the sails.
Once anchored at Mahinepua they watched the sun come down whilst having their 30 minutes of silence. After dinner Isaiah played guitar whilst some of the girls sang beautifully on deck under the stars.

Today everyone enjoyed a long sleep in! Then it was time to dive in for their morning swim and get the ship scrubbed and cleaned. After breakfast they headed for shore for a walk out along the point to stretch their legs.
Back on the ship, after lunch, it was time for everyone else to attempt the Tucker Challenge. Jayden was able to help guide everyone to the top, even the ones scared of heights. Whilst some where climbing the others had lessons driving the tender. Isaiah, Ellen, Michelle, Ngahuia and Razarn each had a go driving around and coming alongside the ship.
Symphony and Ngahuia are now beginning their Tucker Challenge and are the last to have a go.
Tomorrow the ship begins to head South towards the Bay again and hopefully back into cell phone coverage and their usual updates!


The Youth Team