It was an eight o’clock sleep in for the trainees this morning after our late night at the bon fire in Chynna Bay. The trainees were straight into the water once the skipper had woken then slowly made their way to their morning duties which was followed by a delicious breakfast. After breakfast the trainees called a tatu and discussed the plan for the day ahead and decided what they wanted to do. The engine was then started and we hoisted anchor and set a course for Roberton Island.

During the passage the trainees completed classes on navigation, wind and weather and tides. On arrival we had an amazing pizza lunch, then the trainees went and prepared for a dive, the tender was launched and the trainees made their way to the beach. Terry- Jack, Skye, Zac, Ahi, Connor, Tamatu went for a dive in the lagoon, Juilian, Hayden and Sabastian climbed and explored the rocks and kept an eye out for the divers. Mya and Millie enjoyed picking shells, sunbathing and having a good gossip on the beach, and Niamh enjoyed exploring the rocks having some quiet time to herself from all the noisy teenagers. Connor and Tamatu swam back to the ship while the other trainees were escorted by the tender, on arrival most trainees experienced the mega swing and enjoyed doing manu’s off the boat.

Once the trainees were all warm and changed we up’d anchor and moved to our night anchorage in Manawaora Bay. Along the passage down below the trainees completed some more classes on Rules of the road at sea, Fishing regulations, and finances (we saved the fun classes for last) We’ve just completed a Tatu and our nightly highs and lows with the trainees and have explained what is in store for the morning. We now have some down time while a lot of the trainees have gathered round the galley sniffing in the beautiful smells of tonight’s dinner… a large mouth-watering pork roast. We plan on watch a slide of the weeks photos after dinner, followed by spotlight on the ship and then lights out.

We look forward to seeing you all tomorrow at 1pm outside the Opua cruising club!