Ahoj from the Good Ship R.Tucker Thompson, ghosting about the Bay in search of some breeze. If you see some please contact us on info@tucker.co.nz 🙂

Well the trainees found out the daily routine of the Tucker today, as we woke from our slumber,  starting with the splash off the ship in the morning, not quite day break,  the hint of  sun visible above the protective headland. The shower on deck enjoyed in bursts. Then down below to get changed and ready for duties before breakfast. After the decks are scrubbed, the brass is polished, the sole below is swept and mopped, the head ready for the day, we fuelled ourselves up waiting on some wind. Trainees went about the ship learning the lines, the halyard, downhaul and sheets. Capsize, take a turn, make fast, sweat and tail….still, no breeze. At 1000 hours we up anchor and headed off, in search of adventure, we had to make it up with no breeze, out to Deep Water Cove for a snorkel on White Reef, snapper, wrasse, octopus, parrot and lots of very friendly leather jackets which did not impress Moata!!

Nathaniel, Skye, Jesse, Croatia, Paige and Jacob all enjoyed the calm and clear environment. With the temperature still on the chilly side it was back on board for a hot chocolate and off to Urupukapuka for lunch. Yum curry sausages and rice, dishes, a little rest time then ashore for some games, sport and optional hike the hills. During this time the trainees were introduced to 30 minutes of silence, an opportunity to reflect on where we are, how we got here, what our friends might be doing, taking in our surroundings. Then, we left the beach as the sun did also, back on board for some introductory class work and chill time as dinner fills the ship with aroma and warmth.

After anchoring last night in Pipi bay the trainees were introduced to the Tucker Challenge where they climb aloft to the cross trees, then venture out on the lower yard arm to the end and return to the deck. Nathaniel and Croatia, Paige, Rachel, Douglas, Kayla and Skye all achieved the challenge. Today the trainees found time to venture a little further about the ship, enjoying the oceanic effect while riding the bowsprit, the gentle swell lifting and lowering. Settled in Urupukapuka Bay for the night, another day in the Bay tomorrow and keeping an eye on weather for our voyage down the coast.

Po marie