Ahoj from the Good Ship R.Tucker Thompson, still, waiting for some breeze, but enjoying the great weather provided. The day began with calm seas, bright sunshine and best morning swim of the year, followed  by duties, breakfast and dishes, then up anchor and cross the bay to Waikahoa and the start of the Tohumoana Lookout track. Trainees and crew with a packed picnic lunch all prepared headed for the tops and some spectacular views out to sea and inland.

Down to the shore for lunch,  a quick visit to the pa and then some games. With the weather not offering much it was decided to head out to the Poor Knights in the afternoon rather than first thing in the morning. Mainsail and Fore set with great team work and understanding we were soon out in the Pacific. Scanning the horizon for any sea life of interest on our three hour passage. A Giant Petrel accompanied us for a bit, but mostly shearwaters and gannets surrounded us. The islands grew taller as the mainland got smaller, the cloud cover over the land took the sun from the sandstone pudding like cliffs.  Hauturu, Little Barrier, well to the south, Taranga and her Chicks with Whangarei Heads and Manaia, jagged  landscap, well to the north, Motukokako, Piercy Island a dot on the horizon, a full stop at the end of the Cape Brett peninsula.


Anchored well in South Harbour of Aorangi,  at dusk the seabirds returning from their day a sight in the last of the day, a gentle swell will lull us to sleep after dinner and an evening of fun and games with lots to wake up to.

Po Marie