Ahoj from the Good Ship R.Tucker Thompson, safely at our overnight anchorage in Omakiwi, eastern Bay of Islands. Another great day in the bay, the morning swim in sunshine and no breeze across the decks for the warm shower, then into duties and breakfast. The no wind sailing day was replaced with class and some more Tucker challenge with Reubyn elevating himself up the shrouds and along the yard to touching the end.

Ashore for some exercise in games of bat down then team games and entertainment. Kian introduced the poisoned stick (renamed rakau tapu) for some laughs on the beach before heading out for a SOUPerb lunch with fresh scones. Then with still no wind we headed to the big island, Urupukapuka, to tackle the hills, cliffs, steps, slopes, beaches on offer. With Jovan and Erina out front for the downhill the worm of trainees and crew  wound our way down to Otiao for a peaceful 30 minutes silence (i.e. rest).

We then headed for home over the high point and down to the tender out to the ship and off for a more secure anchorage. Once anchored, we sampled Wayne’s catch of the day with some fresh butterfish to get us through to dinner, then some more class work with trainees gathered around the main table with work books and conversation, only interrupted by a pod of dolphin passing nearby. Dinner done, dishes underway, some free time before the last class of the night recording the days adventure then bed, ready for another day tomorrow.

Po marie