Ahoj from the good ship.

It is the last full day of the voyage and it’s been a good day!

We began our day in the rock and roll of Tutukaka harbour, with Harper first in the water for our morning swim. Then chores were done, breakfast was munched and it was time to bring the anchor up. We headed off out of the relative calm of Tutukaka and into some more swell to bash our way upwind to our final destination in Whangarei Harbour. Emma, Helena and Te Oranga were at their usual spot on the bowsprit, riding the big swells and getting drenched in the process.

Cooper took the helm for a while and then handed over to Anika. The others sat on deck and made a sleeping bag fort to keep warm from the howling southerly. As we came around the majestic Whangarei Heads, Harper, Helena, Emma and Rihari joined Wiremu up the mast to brave the wind and swell and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Then we tucked around the corner to our overnight anchorage at Urqharts Bay. Once the anchor was safely put to bed in a big pile of mud, some brave trainees decided they wanted to earn their Turks head bracelets. First, Te Oranga went up and completed the Tucker challenge, quickly followed by Mark. Cooper and Rihari came up the rigging to give their support while Willow, Jordyn, Emma, Harper and Anika were cheerleaders on deck.

Now we are just waiting for our yummy pork roast, trainees went over some rules of the road at sea and finances, and are now playing cards and listening to Wiremu playing the guitar.

Last night well spent. See you guys tomorrow 1pm at Port Nikau.

Po marie