From the Good Ship R. Tucker Thompson, sheltering from the storm then enjoying the afternoon with a good sail and island visit.

We awoke with 15 knots across the deck, swim definitely optional. Ethan first in followed by Te Aroha, Adina, Petra, Isla, Pohatu. Somehow everyone managed to get under the shower to warm up, with duties just finished so that when the first real squall came through and soaked the decks, we were below breakfasting in warmth.

The morning carried on with the last of the class work complete as we awaited low tide and a change in the weather. Lunch preparation of chopping slicing grating for pizza on demand with some grand plum sauce spread and all the toppings. Tidy bunks and table talk got us through to lunch and easy dishes. Then the skies cleared right on cue and we were able to standby all hands on deck. Sails hoisted and with the bay to ourselves we headed towards Oneroa, experiencing healing and water through the scuppers, six knots under full sail Tucker Style, Tumeke! Seeing the oceanic swell wrapping around the north end of Motuarohia we put in a tack and carved our way into Lagoon Bay.

Lowering canvas and stowing away all sails, time for a shore visit, fresh air, new views and a chance to watch the swells pound the eastern exposed coast. The trainees spread out all over the small area for best views,  sighting a stingray in the shallows. Bit of yoga to relax or just chill on the beach it was soon back on the ship for a quick swim as the sun set below the hills and we headed back to Pipi Bay for our rescue anchor. The last night, still full of conversation and laughter, the roast pork pushed  through the ship by gusts squirting off the hills.

We are ready for the morning final push and home to Opua, see you on the wharf

Ma te wa