Our good ship has texted through their blog tonight as they are out of coverage, nestled into Oke Bay out of the strong winds.

However they report that Brianna was first in for the morning swim – well done!
After their swim, trainees were quickly into the duties – for those of you that don’t know about the on board routine, this involves making the ship “ship shape”. So the floors have to be swept and mopped, dishes have to be cleaned and put away, bunks have to be tided and the head (toilet) has to be cleaned. Then the brass had to all be cleaned so that it is gleaming. This is not only because we want the ship to look good, but it also means that when we get underway, things are all stowed safely away and can’t cause any accidents with people tripping over things that have become dislodged. When your trainees get home, make sure you keep their routine going and it becomes good habits :-).

The reward for this hard work of course is a scrumptious breakfast before classes on passage planning and nutrition. Then time for an early lunch of soup before getting the ship ready, hoisting the anchor and heading off for Oke Bay.

En route, trainees were treated to a visit of a pod of common dolphins with most of them up the rigging or out on the bowsprit, the perfect place to get a good view.

Tea, Aaliya, Chevvy, Javed, Brianna and both Emmas H and Emma S have completed their Tucker Challenge last night and earned their anklet of honour. Tukeme! Tonight at anchor, hopefully Leo, Teina, Kira and Travis will conquer the yards.

Ma te wa