Plenty of happy smiles and excitement coming from the trainees faces as they were welcomed onto the ship. With the welcoming and games completed, we casted off and set a course out into the bay.
The name game was first up, then the trainees set up their bunks for the week which was followed by lunch. Out came the harnesses and the trainees experienced going out on the bow and climbing the rigging for the first time- with many more to come during the rest of the week.
On arrival to our anchorage in Waiiti Bay on Moturua island we launched the tender and headed towards the beach to complete the island loop walk that the island has to offer.
Along the way we played a various amount of games including sticks and stones and Taputapu rakau.
Back on the ship, the trainees completed an orientation on the ship, once complete, we hoisted anchor and set a course for our night anchorage in Pipi Bay.
On arrival to Pipi Bay, Liam, Kokopeta, Jason and Jack decided to climb the rigging while Jason, Liam, Tamara, Jack, Matthew, Kokopeta, Alexia, Kate, IIyas and Havanna all enjoyed a fresh dip in the pool. Olivia and Leyla were happy enjoying their free time.
We are about to begin a quick class below decks, then it should be time for a delicious dinner of spaghetti Bolognese.
Hope you all had a great day like we have! Have a great night.

Goodnight from the good ship.