Kia ora from the R Tucker Thompson

Today has been full of sailing and smiles despite the dull and dark weather.

At 0700 hrs we were awakened by the whistle of the wind rushing through the rigging. Jayden and Frano lead the rest of the team to a refreshing dip into the water, Shortly after, trainees scrubbed the decks cleaned the sole down below and polished the brass.

After breakfast, we split into our port and starboard watches and quickly recapped  what we learned about anchoring, navigation, radio reporting and weather planning yesterday. Then we raised the anchor and set sail for the open ocean. As we left the bay, our sails filled and we raced away from the islands. Deciding to make the most of the 3 metre swells, the trainees climbed out onto the bowsprit to get dunked as the ship pushed its way through the water. At the helm fighting the wind and seas were Te Taonga, Kayd, Noah, Grace, Tamati and Kiara who took a special liking to steering the ship. Mahuta even decided to go fishing and managed to catch a fairly large kahawai which he made into a raw fish salad for dinner. Terangimarie showed natural ability for handling the lines. Dre, without hesitation, took the opportunity to learn how to flake the heads sail with crew Jess.

Today was a perfect day to develop a couple of very important skills when it comes to sailing a tall ship, that is, clear communication and teamwork. All the trainees were in good spirits when Kiara aimed the boat towards our night anchorage of Opunga Cove. Once the anchor was dropped, sails were stowed, and lines were coiled, we made our way inside the ship where we got dry and warm while enjoying a nice hot chocolate. Lunch was also very appreciated by everyone.

After lunch, we filled up the afternoon with a few lessons including navigation with captain Terry, the phonetic alphabet with Crew Jess and star compass with Cadet Zeran.

Now in the galley and getting dinner ready, we have Cadet Zeran and Captain Terry  cooking a surprise dish. The trainees are enjoying creative time with some coloring and music.

We are tucked in for the night , the wind is whistling in the rigging and all trainees are organized for night anchor watches. They might even be allowed a sleep in in the morning.