Kiaora From the R Tucker Thompson

This morning all the trainees enjoyed a sleep in. We woke up at 7:30,and started our morning routine, followed by some lessons. Before we set sails, we practiced the abandon ship drill which was taken very seriously by everyone. Once back on board, we set sail towards Motuarohia Island for lunch, with Kiara at the helm. Tamati, Dre, Te Rangimarie and Jayden were In charge of the main sail and in charge of the Fore and Heads sails were Grace, Mahuta, Te Taonga, Kayd and Noah. Trainees are already showing a good understanding of sail and line handling. It’s very impressive how they are all progressingquickly and well. On our way to Motuarohia Island, we introduced the Top’sls to the trainees. Up the mast we had cadet Zeran with Jayden and Frano. On deck handling the lines we had Crew Jess with Noah, Te Taonga and Kayd, keen to learn more.

Once we dropped the anchor on Motuarohia island, Captain Terry and Cadet Zeran took everyone on the beach for a hike to enjoy the scenery and learn about the history of the bay. Then they were back on board for some soup and scones for lunch, which everyone enjoyed. Once the dishes were done, we divided into separate groups, some of us went aloft to complete the Tucker Challenge while some of us did some rowing activities on little Tuc. A few of us even managed to get in the water for a dive into the water for some kina. We were also lucky enough that a pod of dolphins passed through us, but because of regulations and safety we had to get out of the water. We then raised the anchor and tikitoured our way through the islands and decided to make some fishing hand lines and stop off at some popular spots to see if we would have any luck – unfortunately today was not the day, so we raised anchor once again and decided to make our way to the township of Kororareka where we will be spending the night. We had all the trainees on deck along our journey to Russell to watch the sunset which was very peaceful. We have now dropped anchor, everyone is sitting around the table sharing stories, playing games and singing songs. Looking forward to our day tomorrow.

Po marie