Ono ra

It was a rather windy start to the day as the trainees plummeted into the water at 7:30am.
This was followed by the usual morning duties and a delicious breakfast.
Straight after breakfast we hoisted anchor and set a course for army bay. On arrival we launched the tender and everyone headed to shore for beach games and swimming.
The rain made a fast approach so everyone headed back to the ship where once again we hoisted anchor and set a new course towards Moturoa. Once we arrived we realized it was going to be far too lumpy to stay for a night anchorage, so we tucked ourselves around the corner in the Te Puna inlet at Patunui Bay. Today Manaia, Jziah, Sapphire and Jason completed their tucker challenges. Well done guys for achieving this!
While the trainees were up the rig, Cody and Nikora enjoyed their time on little tuck, while Niveka, Destiny, Jayson, Luke and Lucie were all getting their stripes (Turksheads) From Captain Wayne down stairs.

Hope you all had a good day.
See you tomorrow at 1pm to pick up all your ratbags! 😊