YTH 2004 Toru Ra


Greetings from thy good ship to thy land lovers. Today’s weather was not as nice as yesterday alas but we prevailed accomplishing many modules in our task book before leaving our anchorage due to adverse weather conditions and headed for the shelter of Orokawa…..upon arrival we marveled at the water spouts that surrounded our perimeter. We Watched the rushing water lift up from thy sea and gazed heavily before being whip lashed from the sea. The anchor was dropped once viable anchorage and shelter was obtained. Even whilst the wind howled our mighty trainees still set forward to obtain ones sign of accomplishment in the rig thus being the introduction of the Tucker Challenge. The challenge ‘only’ consists of climbing 18 meters in to the rig with a following 5 meters to the end of the yard arm. We would like to congratulate Cody, Maia, Destiny, Niveka, Nikora  and last but not least for today  Luke for their efforts in achieving their Tucker bracelet. Finally spending the late afternoon drying out and having fun and games soon to follow a lovely meal prepared from Chynna. All is warm and well !!

Good night