YTH-2004 Wha Ra

We woke up to howling Sou-westerly winds and driving rain… not so pleasant for a dip in the tide so trainees dove straight into the Morning duties instead!

After breakfast, we went through line handling practices, then we weighed anchor as the rain ceased and the sun made its presents known through the low scudding clouds.

We raised sails and pointed our bow westward! On our way across the bay we practiced some navigation skills. We arrived and dropped anchor in the shelter of Moturoa Island just in time for lunch!

After a good feed the Trainees went ashore. Lucy, Mia, Sapphire, and Cody braved the cold water and went snorkeling then of course not coming back empty handed! The rest spent their time on the beach exploring the shore.

Once all aboard the Trainees all took a dip and hot shower.

Sails were once again hoisted. We pointed our bow back to the East to seek shelter for the night. It was a fast and fun sail in the blustery 30kts and then visited briefly by a few dolphins! We took shelter in Paroa Bay and had an AMAZING Lasagna for dinner made by Chynna!!

All are happy and well!

Good night!