YTH 2408 – Rā tuaono – Day 6

Trainee day! We started the day as normal with one slight difference prior to breakfast we held our crew elections. This involved the team anonymously electing their captain for the day and following that they also elected a first mate and 3 station leaders. We then got moving quickly as our guests in the bay, Spirit of New Zealand, had to leave early as the wind had shifted and their window to get back down south was closing.

After we received their kind gift of chocolate chip muffins we got underway. We set our 6 main sails with the intention of sailing alongside Spirit as they left the bay. We sailed along heading north east as we came along side each other where we each made a pass and said our goodbyes with 3 loud cheers each that echoed across the bay.

We then got into our plan which was to sail out to the hole in the rock. Here we launched the tender and ferried through the hole in the rock. After this adventure it was time to sail to our anchorage for the night, army bay. Here we got the rope swing out and had a swim, before heading to shore to lay another round of camouflage. Now we are cleaning up after our massive roast dinner, eagerly awaiting our dessert! There may also be a sneaky shore trip to play spotlight later tonight.