An amazing hot and sunny start to the Taitokerau Challenge. What a change after yesterdays weather!
The trainees were a little quiet to begin with, maybe eyeing up the competition, but as soon as the name game started and everyone got to know each other there was no stopping them.

With a tour of the ship and everyone unpacked we dropped the anchor at Smugglers Bay. Soup and cheese scones were served for lunch and the trainees now hot in the sunshine were keen for a swim, however, safety drills were next on the agenda and the trainees had to wait.

We weighed anchor and headed for Urqhuarts Bay. Unfortunately, Fred (the rugby ball) fell overboard on the way but the trainees steamed into action. Leon was out on the bowsprit giving directions to Captain Steve and Michelle was chief pointer. Meanwhile Michael and Mita retrieved Fred and the life ring from the water.

It was straight onto the abandon ship drill and once anchored up life jackets were donned, food and water gathered along with all saftey flares etc and all 12 trainees left the ship onboard the dinghy. They weren’t gone long though as hot chocolate and banana cake were waiting for their return.

With the sun dropping fast there was just time for a quick swim, climb up the rig and chance to raise and lower the fore sail.

With dusk approaching everyone is now having a quick run around on the beach before heading back.

Kylie is busy in the galley preparing a great dinner of roast chicken which I’m sure is going to go down well and with a full afternoon of activities behind us everyone is going to enjoy their first evening onboard.

With everyone now settled in challenges will start tomorrow and the competition will begin!