We ended up stopping at Outu Bay yesterday afternoon where most trainees went for a snorkel.Crayfish were spotted but not caught. It was a bit cold in the water and not many stayed in for long. The few spare wetsuits we do have on board were put to good use and most had masks and snorkels.
Josh and Josaia stayed in the longest .
It was then a quick trip to shore where the trainees picked up polished stones, shells and pieces of twisted driftwood from the beach plus a bit of rubbish plastic which we will recycle when we get into harbour.
It was getting dark and very very cold so we weighed anchor and headed for the sheltered waters of Whangamumu. It was quite busy in there for this time of year, however it was a Saturday so understandable I suppose.
It was dark by the time we had anchored and furled all the sails and everybody headed below into the warmth.
The evening was spent doing lessons talking about the next day and a few games of cards.
And so the plan was to go to the Poor Knights the following day.

We were in bed by 9pm and up at 4am. Ben and Max had their harnesses on and up the rig unfurling topsil’s before the rest of the trainees had sorted themselves out. Tom and Vaughan did engine checks with Captain Steve and the rest of the trainees raised the main sail and then the fore sail as anchor was lifted.
We headed out in the dark, with not a breath of wind. Not far off shore though the wind picked up and every sail was hoisted, even the course and gaff topsil’. We were doing a good 7knots at one stage.
As the sun came up around 7am chores were done underway and then a second breakfast of toast and spaghetti or porridge and fruit was laid out for the hungry lot. We had been up for a while and working very hard!
With the Poor Knights in sight we settled in for the last hour before dropping all sails and motoring to the sheltered side.
Many trainees had asked to go for a morning swim at 4am, the crazy lot. We had of course said no and had told them of the amazing snorkel they were about to get at the Poor Knights instead.
And so despite the cold off shore waters every trainee was persuaded to snorkel as this was a once in a life time opportunity. No one regretted it and everyone thought it was worth getting up at 4am for! The abundance of fish was just amazing with the marine reserve living up to it’s reputation. Everyone came back cold and shivering but with huge smiles on their faces and lots of tales to tell.
The hot chocolate and baking that Marsha had done yesterday also went down a treat!
Before long we were heading back with pizza on the go for lunch.
Tutukaka was our next destination!
We got into Tutukaka at about 3pm and it was time for lessons and bit of knot tying. No we didn’t tie the kids up! We showed the trainees how to tie 5 basic knots and at the end of the trip we will have a challenge to see who can tie all 5 the quickest.
There was just enough time for a quick swim and row before it got dark.
Dinner tonight is chicken satay which I know the trainees always enjoy!

I asked the trainees if they wanted to put anything on the blog but they all seem to want to stay on the ship, now they’ve made friends, and ignore the outside world. Not to worry we will be bringing them back on Wednesday and I know they do miss their friends and family really. However, Captain Steve wishes to say hi to all his friends as does Rob and Sophie and Marsha would like to say hi to Brendon who reads the blog everyday. So “Hi Brendon”.