And so the last night passed with the roast pork dinner and a great final night. All trainees swapping names for facebook and numbers to keep in contact. Don’t forget to join the Tucker Thompson trainee facebook site run by former trainee Ash. Hi Ash!
It was a clear and cold night and after chatting in the starlight the trainees were ready for bed.
An early start meant there was no morning swim but everyone can go home for showers today! Hooray! So we were up at 6.30am tidying up the ship and harbour furling the sails in preparation for coming home and for the pilot who was to show us the way into Northport.
At 7.30 we had a call from Harbour Radio to say the pilot was on his way. With breakfast of eggs on toast on deck everybody watched as the pilot boat came alongside and Tom the pilot jumped on board.
He gave us a bit of history about the port and showed us the lead lights and shallow waters. He told us about the ships that were in port and what they were loading.
Once safely docked at Northport the trainees were given a tour around the site by Jon the CEO.
Northport sponsored all 10 trainees on board this voyage! Thanks Northport!

It was really interesting hearing about all the materials they load up and export to different countries and about what is brought in for New Zealand. Materials just as wood, wood chippings, veneer, kiwi fruit, oil etc are exported and things like coal and molasses are bought in.
It was good for the trainees to see inside the port and not from a distance.
After Jon (CEO) and Brian (Driver/radio operator/jack of all trades etc) showing us their place we showed them ours and they were given a grand tour of the ship and told about life on board for a trainee.
We stayed alongside until the ship had been cleaned from top to bottom and then it was time to leave. Ben did the radio call to Whangarei Harbour and we headed off to Urquharts Bay for a crayfish and snapper lunch. Yum! The tug drivers were very jealous!
After lunch dishes and final book filling it was time to go home. The adventure was over.
A great time had by all.