So we got to Urquharts Bay in the dark. Everyone on the bow keeping watch or helping to navigate through the flashing red and green markers.
It was all go in the galley as well with trainees helping to cook bangers and mash.
By the time dishes were done and books completed it was definitely time for bed!

In the morning Amber was first in the water beating Josaia and Tiki, but they weren’t long behind her. Chores were done with their usual style and breakfast wolfed down. And then it was time for a bit of revision before the big exam! Everyone was ready and the trainees began. Good Luck Everyone! Most commented on how easy it had been so that’s encouraging. Results will be sent in the post.

It was then time for some fun and despite everyone coming from Whangarei only one or two had ever been to the Hen and Chickens and so we weighed anchor! Time to do our trip report on the vhf radio to Whangarei Harbour Radio as part of the oral exam required to gain their operators certificate.
Unfortunately the wind was on the nose and the tide coming in so it was very bouncy for the trainees riding the bow sprit round the heads. But with feet getting wet they had a great time until a few started to feel seasick. And so it was a quieter journey to the Hen and Chicks motoring all the way but as soon as we arrived everyone perked up and it was time for lunch. Macaronni cheese went down well but all the trainees decided they didn’t want to go snorkeling. So Captain Steve and Rob went in search and came back with crayfish. Well done boys! Our fishing attempts had come up with nothing so we were very lucky. Most trainees have not tasted crayfish so it’s going to be a real treat.

With sails set we headed back to Urquharts Bay. The wind had died so we motor sailed with Max at the helm and bottlenose dolphins doing amazing leaps on the bow. The sunset was just amazing coming down behind Northport and everyone was up taking photos, especially as this was their last evening on board.
Once back and anchored the trainees all went swimming having great fun on the rope swing. They are currently taking photos of everyone and singing a group version of Bohemian Rhapsody.

This is the last night for the trainees and although some having been missing home everyone wants to stay on board. New friendships have been forged and will continue after they have left the ship.

It’s roast pork night tonight and everyone’s mouths are watering with the aromas coming out of the galley. Thanks Marsha!

It’s an early start tomorrow and an adventure as we are going to visit Northport, sponsors of this voyage.