Oke Bay had been a real hit with the trainees and everyone had a relaxed evening and a few lessons and an amazing roast chicken dinner. By 8pm most were tired and few were asking to go to bed already! So we did some early highs and lows, with highs being the sailing, and then it was off to bed.

Josaia and Tiki were the first in the water this morning with everyone still enjoying the crisp clear morning swims. A few stingrays had been spotted yesterday and a few of the trainees were a bit more nervous getting in the water but we reassured them that sting rays are fine.

After morning chores and breakfast it was onto more vhf radio lessons which the trainees are doing very well at. They have learnt the phonetic alphabet quickly and the mayday calls are coming on nicely. Well done team!

It was then time to head out of lovely Oke Bay and onto Whangamumu around Cape Brett. The morning was cold but clear and sunny and Marsha had Chocolate Coconut brownie in the oven. The aroma’s from the galley quickly had the trainees hovering around Marsha but we had sails to set.
The trainees whipped around and set all sails. We had Tiki at the helm followed by Nadine as we headed to Cape Brett.

Cape Brett lighthouse and the Hole in the Rock at Piercy Island is a well known place here in the Bay of Islands and the trainees all enjoyed going through the hole in the dinghy and getting a chance to yell and shout in Cathedral Cave.

With time ticking on we headed for Whangamumu and a late lunch once we arrived.

No signal in Whangamumu so a short blog today. Plans are to go ashore and look at the old whaling station and have a play on the beach. If there’s time we will have a fish at a great spot we found last week. So fingers crossed.