The evening passed quickly and everyone was ready for bed early as it had been an eventful day. The usual high’s and lows were talked about around the saloon table. Most trainees said their high was coming on board, meeting new people and of course the banana loaf!
It was then on to anchor watch which was a pretty calm affair with no wind but still quite cold in the early hours, however the hot chocolate and the last of the banana loaf was received well.

7am and the morning swim was cold but fun with nearly all the trainees, except Nadine, who eventually took the plunge, but only after a lot of encouragement from the other trainees. So well done Nadine.
All trainees got stuck into the morning chores, scrubbing the decks and polishing the brass and then it was on to breakfast and lessons.

By 10.30 it was time to go. The main sail was set, the topsil’s unfurled by Ben, Sarah, Vaughan and Tom and the anchor was lifted by Nadine and Tiki. We headed out of Paroa Bay with Max at the helm and the rest of the trainees setting the remaining sails.It was a wonderful sail with everyone very keen to pull on a rope and lend a hand. It was a real team effort!
Many of the trainees went aloft whilst we were sailing and enjoyed the view and Vaughan and Eden spent most of their time on the Bow Sprit.

We arrived in Oke Bay for a late lunch of soup and hot dogs! Yum!
The beach at Oke Bay looked too inviting and the trainees were soon on their way in dinghy. Lots of them had a snorkel and swim whilst others used Little Tuc to go exploring around the caves. A great afternoon had by all.

Dinner tonight is roast chicken and apricot stuffing which everyone is looking forward too.

No reception in Oke Bay so that’s all for now.