Last night we slept pleasantly, uninterrupted by nightwatch or foul weather. However, the morning brought with it grey skies, gusting winds and a large handful of rain and its cloudy counterparts. A benevolent Captain waived the morning swim but launched us straight into morning duties. The ship was left sparkling like a diamond in the rough seas and a hot breakfast warmed the core of the ship and its inhabitants. With our breakfast affairs over it became time for a morning lesson. Kylie took the youth into the saloon to continue working through their VHF radio course. They emerged bright and chipper only to be snagged by Steve for quick individual radio drills.

Drilled and tutored to the Cape and back, the anchor was hauled up and we set off to find a suitable spot to relax a little and hopefully catch the odd fish or two or three for tea. We had the entire ship on deck, chatting, laughing and tugging each others lines. Kailash, Bryn, Odette and Winter proved themselves to be valuable assets whilst the Captain was busy showing off the shark he pulled to the surface. On the verge of packing our lines away we were hit by a school of kahawai who took bait and hooked hooks as they went by. Needless to say, I managed the impressive feat of not getting a single bite whilst there were fish being pulled up port, starboard and amidships all around me.

Satisfied with our haul, we threw back the last few fish whilst the odd pair of gluttonous eyes looked hungrily at their former catches. We heaved anchor again and set out into the open for a leisurely sail with lunch. Egg fritata was greeted warmly with knife, fork and spoon and was sorely missed once it disappeared into our mouths, never to be seen again.

We plan to head back to Whangamumu for the afternoon and night to catch our appointment with hiking trails and waterfalls and also to postpone our appointment with dreary weather and seasickness. We will be out of blogging range for the rest of the day, so I must leave this post here. Stay tuned as we will update it and add photos when we return to signal range tomorrow.

Ka kite!!