Wow!! Day Four already! – We are currently still only managing to get snippets of cell phone reception out here, as we are currently steaming towards Whangamumu after being awoken at 0400 by Uncle Steve and heading off towards the magnificent Poor Knights!! – Today was our practice journey \for our Adventurous Journey also!!

PHOTOS- Again will be when we get back into the bay!!

So off we set at 0400, after the engine checks and anchor was all sorted, a bunch of dreary eyed kids were up on deck, many keen to get back to bed and sleep for the few long hours we would be sailing.

With the main, and fore set, Ash Kylie and Rose set off aloft to unfurl the tops’ls!! – What a wicked sight it was from up there at 0430 in the morning!! With the sails set, hot choccie was brought upon deck and woofed down enthusiastically, and many kids slunked off back to bed. The few of us that stayed up on deck were rugged up with jackets and long pants, as the sun slowly rose and the new day re-appeared once again, and it was going to be a stunner of a day!

We arrived at the Knights around about 0900 so a good 5 hours sailing, we dropped our sails, and got ready for breakfast up on  deck, after our breakfast was demolished by everyone, we got ready to go for a snorkel! – What awesome things did we see? – So much cool stuff!! There was also a mass boil up of trevallys just off the Good Ship herself – whic was pretty wicked too see!!

We are currently steaming towards Whangamumu Bay which is where we are staying for tonight, and cell phone coverage is very limited, so sorry in advance for all the late posts and this one also, as it is rather tricky to try and find signal around here out in the middle of the ocean!!

Will update you all with tomorrows blog!! – I think by the sounds of things over these next few days we will be planning and doing our Qualifiying Adventurous Journey, which is going to be great!

Everyone is getting along great, so many laughs and fun times, and everyone is looking forward to the journey! – There is already talk of missing cell phones, Facebook and all things like that – oh and a solid ground that doesn’t rock or move and make you stagger around on and below deck making you look like your half drunk!! :

See you all tomorrow, on day five’s blog!! – 🙂