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R. Tucker Thompson Sail Training Trust


The R. Tucker Thompson is an iconic tall ship based in the Bay of Islands. Operated as a social enterprise, we run tourism sailings over summer, with profits used to fund youth development voyages over winter. Do join us!

Tourism sailings in the Bay of Islands


A sail on the R. Tucker Thompson is often voted the best day of any holiday!


Youth Development Voyages


Our 7-day youth development voyages can be life changing

Weddings and events

Special charters are available for weddings, birthdays and parties


New voyage video

Check out our new video, which gives you a glimpse into life on board a tall ship during a 7-day youth voyage. Venture into the unknown… and change your life forever. Lyrics by Maea Shepherd

Latest survey into voyage outcomes

Our latest survey for 2016 into the effectiveness of our Youth Development Voyages has just been released. It makes interesting reading and we are proud to be making a real difference for our youth.

Pirate ship finds gold!

The R. Tucker Thompson is delighted to be awarded Qualmark Gold in recognition of the quality of our experience. For the second year in a row, we have undergone the Qualmark assessment under the new criteria, and we have retained our Gold standard.

Bay of Islands Sailing

The best day of any holiday in New Zealand!

Youth development voyages

Venture into the unknown and change your life forever!

The Sail Training Trust

The R. Tucker Thompson is held in Trust for the benefit of the people of Taitokerau Northland

1806 Toru Ra

By now we are getting used to our early morning swim, Pierres feet were the first to hit the water and, spurred on by the hot shower running on deck, we all followed. After breakfast we learnt how to tie five important knots – a bowline, a clove hitch, a reef knot, a...

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YTH 1806 rua ra

Ahoj friends and family of the Tucker. Today everyone dusted out the cobwebs with a cold morning wake up swim, Faye being the first in the water! After the swim, we had morning chores to do- scrubbing the deck, cleaning the head and polishing the brass. After...

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YTH 1806 Tahi ra

Ahoj! from the good ship R. Tucker Thompson. Voyage 1806 has begun! Our 11 new trainees are already bonding well and joking around. After leaving family and friends in Opua, they set their hands at setting sail for the first time. Chief and Cyrus providing some speedy...

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YTH 1805 – Ono ra

Ahoj from The Good Ship R.Tucker Thompson. Yes we are still here, well anchored in Te Hue with not a lot to report. The day started with howling winds across a dry deck so we skipped the swim and got straight into duties. Everyone was happy with that. Then class work...

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YTH 1805 Rima Ra

Ahoj friends and family of the R. Tucker T. Portia was first swimmer into the water this morning. First person in the water equals first person in the shower. After a quick icy dip and a warm up shower, trainees completed their morning chores. Then Wayne cooked us a...

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YTH-1805 Ra wha

Ahoj from the Good Ship R.Tucker Thompson, back in home waters of the Bay of Islands after an adventurous day at sea and shore. It began at 0500 with awakening for some star identification of what had happened overnight while we were sleeping. Wiremu indicating what...

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We are tied to the ocean. And when we go back to the sea, whether it is to sail or to watch, we are going back from whence we came.

John F Kennedy

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