Helping local youth reach new heights
We are big on evidence and have been recording feedback from trainees and their parents since 2009. In 2016, we partnered with the University of Otago and they have been researching our trainees before and after voyages, and undertaking more in-depth follow-up interviews.

What we found

The results remain fairly consistent year on year and clearly indicate that the experience is making a big difference to our trainees, particularly in the area of confidence across a range of activities. The University of Otago’s research specifically examines the resilience of young people and the research indicates that our voyages are very beneficial in improving self-esteem.

For those studying youth development or simply interested in the research please take a look at: “Promoting resilience in adolescents: A new social identity benefits those who need it most” (Elizabeth Koni, Saleh Moradi, Hitaua Arahanga-Doyle, Tia Neha, Jillian G Hayhurst, Mike Boyes, Tegan Cruwys, John A Hunter, Damian Scarf).

“Positive youth development in Māori and New Zealand European adolescents through an adventure education programme” (Hitaua Arahanga-Doyle, Saleh Moradi, Kaitlyn Brown, Tia Neha, John A Hunter, Damian Scarf).

Making new friends and connections
More confident trying new things
Leadership skills / take on responsibility
Communicating with others