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The R. Tucker Thompson is an iconic tall ship based in the Bay of Islands. Operated as a social enterprise, we run tourism sailings over summer, with profits used to fund youth development voyages over winter. Do join us!

Tourism sailings in the Bay of Islands


A sail on the R. Tucker Thompson is often voted the best day of any holiday!


Youth Development Voyages


Our 7-day youth development voyages can be life changing

Weddings and events

Special charters are available for weddings, birthdays and parties

Bay of Islands Sailing

Ever wonder what it’s like to sail on a tall ship?

Now is your chance! Join us on a 2-hour public sailing in the Bay of Islands on 29 June 2019 Click here for more information and to book.



Voyage video

Check out our new video, which gives you a glimpse into life on board a tall ship during a 7-day youth voyage. Venture into the unknown… and change your life forever. Lyrics by Maea Shepherd


Tuia 250

Be part of this amazing adventure…. Karawhia! For more information check out here or go to Tuia 250 to learn about what’s happening in October.

YTH 1907- Toru ra

This morning all the trainees were already in their togs ready and waiting for captain Tim and the crew to get up on deck to set up the sea gate. Off to morning duties after a nice warm shower and then a delicious breakfast waiting for them. Cole, Adina, Paora, Zeran,...

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Youth 1907 Rua Ra

Rua Ra From the Good Ship R. Tucker Thompson, anchored secure in serenity Putakokota off the mainland peninsula of Orokawa.  The day began with the first compulsory swim, at day break, with the sun refusing to rise above the kanuka canopy. Clothing and towels hung,...

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YTH-1907 Tahi ra

Tahi Ra From the Good Ship R.Tucker Thompson, day one of our adventurous journey, anchored calmly in Awaaroa Bay on Moturua. After hoisting the mainsail in their first team effort we began  a day of introductions and inductions.  We slid across the inner bay, around...

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YTH-1906 Ono ra

What a beautiful start to the day!! The sun was shining, the birds were singing and the trainees were too eager to get in the water they had the sea gate ready before captain Wayne got on deck. And in they went one after another Both Emma’s were first in the water...

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YTH-1906 Rima Ra

Our good ship has texted through their blog tonight as they are out of coverage, nestled into Oke Bay out of the strong winds. However they report that Brianna was first in for the morning swim - well done! After their swim, trainees were quickly into the duties - for...

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YTH-1906 Wha ra

It was a sunny day to this morning’s antics. Aaliyah was first in the water once again, followed by Javed, Chevy, Travis, Emma H, Emma S, Brianna and Kira, Tea, Leonora and Teina took a little convincing to get in. This was shortly followed by the morning duties then...

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Bay of Islands Sailing

The best day of any holiday in New Zealand!

Youth development voyages

Venture into the unknown and change your life forever!

The Sail Training Trust

The R. Tucker Thompson is held in Trust for the benefit of the people of Taitokerau Northland

We are tied to the ocean. And when we go back to the sea, whether it is to sail or to watch, we are going back from whence we came.

John F Kennedy

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