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R. Tucker Thompson Sail Training Trust


The R. Tucker Thompson is an iconic tall ship based in the Bay of Islands. Operated as a social enterprise, we run tourism sailings over summer, with profits used to fund youth development voyages over winter. Do join us!

Tourism sailings in the Bay of Islands


A sail on the R. Tucker Thompson is often voted the best day of any holiday!


Youth Development Voyages


Our 7-day youth development voyages can be life changing

Weddings and events

Special charters are available for weddings, birthdays and parties

Pirate ship finds gold!

The R. Tucker Thompson is delighted to be awarded Qualmark Gold in recognition of the quality of our experience.

Latest Annual report released

Our 2016-17 Annual Report has just been released. It’s a great document which not only provides our financial reports but also information about our sail trainees, our people and the Trust generally. Download it from our website and find out more about what we do!

Sailor of the Year award

The R. Tucker Thompson has been named the NRC sailor of the Year in recognition of the work it has done with over 1300 young people.

Bay of Islands Sailing

The best day of any holiday in New Zealand!

Youth development voyages

Venture into the unknown and change your life forever!

The Sail Training Trust

The R. Tucker Thompson is held in Trust for the benefit of the people of Taitokerau Northland

YTH 1714 Ono ra

Kiaora from the Tucker! Today was business as usual on board the good ship. 0700 wake up, swim, brekky and chores done, we went ashore for a walk along Urupukapuka Island. Everyone had a go on the mega swing set we found on a tree and after a look at the pa and the...

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YTH 1714 Wha Ra

We woke to the beautiful landscape of a calm morning in Whangaroa Harbour today. After our swim, duties and breakfast, a few trainees feeling under the weather so everyone else pitched in to raise sails and head south. Not much wind so we motor-sailed with Nesta at...

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YTH 1714 Toru ra

Another action packed day on the R. Tucker Thompson! First in the water this morning was Jack, very tactical with a quick jump in and straight out into the shower. Chores and breakfast done, we then made a packed lunch in preparation for the day ahead. As we motored...

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YTH 1714 Rua ra

Kiaora friends and family, today has been a busy day! 7am wake up for the morning swim this morning and Ethan was the first in the water, closely followed by Mikaira. Swim done, chores completed and breakfast eaten we hoisted the anchor and made our way out of the...

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YTH 1714 Tahi ra

Kiaora friends and family of the R. Tucker Thompson. A windy and wonderful start to our voyage. After saying goodbye and giving a last hug to families we set sail and headed out into the bay. Trainees were introduced to the ship with an orientation while lunch was...

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YTH 1713 Ono ra

Today was a day full of laughter excitement and fun. We began the day with a 0700 wake up, the normal morning swim, James being first in the water, then straight into duties, followed by a warmly served breakfast. We completed a drill on what to do in flooding with...

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We are tied to the ocean. And when we go back to the sea, whether it is to sail or to watch, we are going back from whence we came.

John F Kennedy

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