By now we are getting used to our early morning swim, Pierres feet were the first to hit the water and, spurred on by the hot shower running on deck, we all followed.

After breakfast we learnt how to tie five important knots – a bowline, a clove hitch, a reef knot, a figure of eight and a sheet bend. We then gave the Tucker challenge a go, climbing aloft and out along to touch the end of the lower yard, EJ, Pierre, Ryley, Archer, Zayn, Maioha, Caitlin and Faye all earned their bracelets. A free swim followed where we finally got to put the rope swing into action!

Next, we went ashore on Moturua and went for a hike round the Island, stopping for a lunch of packed sandwiches. Back aboard, Caitlin, Archer and Maioha hoisted the anchor and everyone stood ready at the sail stations to learn how to tack the boat through the wind. Once we had all had a go and felt a bit more confident we headed for Urupukapuka Island for the night.

We are sitting round the table at anchor in Paradice Bay. We’re starting to get to know each other and the crew and we can smell dinner cooking!

Good Night!