Our new Mains’l  arrived a couple of weeks ago, but rather than put it on straight away, we wanted to getting the blacking of the standing rig to dry properly to prevent tar getting on the new canvas and well as replace some of the leather chafe gear to protect the new sail. So yesterday Captain Uncle Steve took it down to the ship and what a beautiful clean, creamy large sail it is!

Somewhat serendipitously, at the same time Ross Johnson turned up. Ross is the son of our long-standing sail maker Rick Johnson who sadly died suddenly a week before the project was due to start. Although the two Ross’s picked up the project it seemed particularly fitting that a third Ross, Rick’s son helped us get the new mains’l bent.

We still have to complete the reef lines before it is finally complete but our next voyage YTH-1213 will head out with a fabulous new sail.