We half way through maintenance and it would be fair to say that the weather has not been kind! Yesterday was the first day in recent memory that we had blue skies and sun all day. It gave our crew member Marsha Baker the chance to some work in the rigging. Otherwise we have been bombarded by squalls and whipped by wind.

Despite this, a canopy has been set up so that work can continue on the hatch repairs and cabin top replacement. This is progressing slowly but looking good as the inevitable cold and wet weather delays drying of glue and makes life difficult.

Below decks there has been plenty activity in the galley which has been ripped out entirely and the soles (floor) below removed. This has enabled the bilge lines and the interior to be assessed and repaired as necessary. The kitchen units are all being sanded back and when it is all reinstated, it will be a lot easier to remove and check below on a regular basis to ensure the ship is in good condition.

The Tucker is looking very odd as she is tied up to the wharf  as the top of her masts have been removed and are being sanded back and varnished to make her look spick and span again. These are on the wharf and we’ve been really grateful to have various volunteers coming through to help us with some of these jobs.

We are still keen to see any volunteers to give us a hand, particularly with some of the aesthetics such as painting and varnishing and we have two weekends planned for working bees at the end of August as we try and get the ship back together. Please contact us at our office if you you have some experience and are willing to lend a hand.