As the sun sets on our last night on board, the smell of roasting garlic and the sound of pre-dinner dishes being done, fills the air.
Everyone has a sleepy look to their face as we had risen early this morning to sail up the coast from Mimiwhangata back into the famiilar Bay of Islands. We shook off sleep and caught a glimpse of Matariki as the glow of sunrise tinged the horizon. Orion was taking a nose dive over the Poor Knights as we weighed anchor and huddled under sleeping bags sipping hot chocolate and nibbling away at banana cake made the night before.
As we made our way up the coast, we took lots as to what time the sun would rise over the clouds just hovering above the ocean, looking like another coastline in the early morning light. Jameela came in first as the sun popped up at 0736. It was a very intense, very beautiful sunrise.
With a quick, but affective tidy up above and below decks, a few of us went ashore for a leg stretch and some time alone, while most of us stayed on board and swam off the ship and snorkeled.
We’ve been blessed with amazing weather, with mixed feelings about getting off tomorrow. I think chocolate bars are winning out though. IMG_2335