7-Day Youth Voyage

If you’re aged between 13 and 18, you can sign up for an adventure of a lifetime. Your 7-day voyage will take take you places that you normally can’t reach by road. You’ll have the opportunity to explore the amazing Bay of Islands, you may even get the chance to sail up or down the coast and visit some of the coastal communities there. But wherever the wind takes you, it will be an experience you will remember forever.

On your voyage, you will

  • Learn about sailing, general seamanship and safety at sea
  • Learn about the environment and marine ecology and visit some amazing places
  • Find out about navigation and how to read charts
  • Learn how to fish, and if you are lucky catch your supper (don’t worry, we have other food available if you’re unlucky!)
  • Take a turn at cooking in the galley
  • Go tramping, snorkeling and play games ashore
  • Meet new people and make new friends
  • Find out about Taitokerau Northland’s history and our culture
  • And above all have fun while you get to sail an amazing tall ship!

R. Tucker Thompson Youth development voyages from R. Tucker Thompson on Vimeo Music written by a Trainee: Lyrics written by Maea Shepherd, Produced by "King Music" (Maea Shepherd & Adam Roycroft), a Young Enterprise Company.


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Trainee feedback

The voyage was lots of fun and a great opportunity to make new friends. We learnt more about ourselves and each other. Oshean and I were just acquaintances before, but we formed a strong friendship on board and are now great buddies.  There was a sense of belonging on board. Crew were like aunts and uncles and trainees like siblings.

Trainee feedback

I learnt a lot of basic life skills along with skills on the boat. I liked how the crew was more our friends and it was very laid back, we could talk to them like friends. I’ll remember all the impromptu exploring we did, all the dolphins and the sea life

Trainee feedback

Meeting new people from different ages, the new experience of learning to sail and being with the team, making friends, and also the ship and land challenges, like Tucker challenge

Trainee feedback

my favorite thing was the whole journey. I liked meeting new people and making new friends. I enjoyed having to get out side my comfort zone and taking on challenges I would not have other wise.

Trainee feedback

My experience on the R Tucker Thompson was amazing as I got to see islands in the Bay of Islands that I’ve never seen before and how I got to meet new people and get really close with them.


The actual cost of a 7-day voyage is $2,461 GST inclusive. For students from the Taitokerau Northland region, we provide a subsidy to reduce the price to $1,450 from our tourism surplus if available, and general donations. In addition to this, we have a large number of grants and sponsorships available specifically for eligible students from Taitokerau.

This means that for individual applicants, the voyage fee is:

  • A minimum of $1,450 to be contributed by the applicant (please note we are able to offer a range of grants and sponsorships depending on individual circumstances)
  • The Trust will contribute $1,011 per person by the ship using surplus from trading activities, grants, or the ship’s own fundraising efforts
  • Where a student is able to pay more, we ask that they do. Any additional payment is receipted as a donation and used to support other students

Students from outside Northland are welcome to undertake a voyage, however we cannot provide the same level of subsidy, nor can we provide grants or sponsorships. The cost to students from outside Taitokerau Northland is $1,950 and we encourage them to seek out their own sponsors and carry out their own fundraising efforts. 

International students may participate however they will be expected to pay the full $2,461 voyage cost.

Please note, we do not provide subsidies to corporate or government funded placements, who are required to pay the full amount.

2022 voyage dates are provided below:

Voyage ID

Voyage Dates

Dep/Ret Port



Wed 30 March – Tue 5 April

Opua - Opua



Fri 8 April – Thu 14 April

Opua - Opua



Tue 19 April – Mon 25 April

Opua - Opua



Thu 28 April – Wed 4 May

Opua - Opua



Sat 7 May – Fri 13 May

Opua - Opua



Mon 16 May – Sun 22 May

Opua - Opua



Wed 25 May – Tue 31 May

Opua - Opua



Fri 3 June – Thu 9 June

Opua - Opua

Fully Booked


Sun 12 June – Sat 18 June

Opua - Opua



Tue 21 June – Mon 27 June

Opua - Whangarei


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