Ahoj from the Good Ship R.Tucker Thompson after another full day in the Bay. The usual swim in calm waters and morning sun with a warm rinse then duties. The ship is in good hands with the brass gleaming as breakfast is steaming on the table. Soon we were sailing, tacking, practicing manoeuvre after manoeuvre until all trainees were well versed. Off to the next task when suddenly Gautier’s  togs left the ship, matching the waters and sand we were travelling over, we had almost abandoned hope when a call came from aloft, Johanna spotted them and we recovered the valuable item.

Onward to Waewaetorea and a safe anchorage in the passage, the trainees soon ashore in wet suits, having no idea of what was ahead. With dive masks and trepidation the crew led them to the serene bay and entrance to a cave which leads out to the ocean, screams, squeezing hands and laughter was heard from the ship. Back on board for lunch and a rest before off again for a hike to the clifftops of Urupukapuka then down to the shelter of Otaio and 30 minutes of silence.

Miriam created a shell backed turtle ‘they are not very common” she commented. Britney created a spiral of swirls and shells, Materoa created a comfortable seat before joining Tim for a game of shells jump rocks. Maja walked the length of the beach up into the estuary while Rena, Johanna and Gustavo sheltered under the canopy of kanuka, Errika wandered between earth and sea. The others with less discipline split up and chatted. The games drew the time out until it was back to the ship, hoist the tender and anchor, with Miriam at the helm the Tucker cut across the bay to Marsden Cross, Rangihoua for a sheltered anchorage and the evening meal, boil up for the world. Tomorrow is Sunday, perhaps a church service…

Po marie