Ahoy from the Good Ship R.Tucker Thompson, waking in the shadow of a headland where the previous night male and female kiwi called to each other, the last of a Moturua dawn chorus as the ladder hit the water and the trainees and crew followed. Duties all in sequence with breakfast consumed, anchor up as everyone participates in a smooth operation. The dishwashers arrive on deck in a new location, wetsuits doned and ashore to Taniwha cave and a team building exercise.

returning with laughs and shivers to a hot chocolate and a hearty lunch. Wayne had been out spear fishing returning with a fine snapper and silver drummer to top up the pantry. Ben attended the filleting with wasps hovering.

Motoring head to wind, a perfect opportunity to repeat the man over board drill with Wilson (the ball) recovered in good time, lines out trawling to pass near Moturua and Motuarohia before hoisting sail and setting course across the Bay to Moturoa. The snapper frame and head boiled on the way over to start a fish based soup. Dropping the anchor, Eloise shot off with Corey, Isaiah, Leela and Trinity to hunt down some kutai (mussel) for the soup. The bosun swing again put to good use with Eva out there as we waited for the shore visit. Back in 30 minutes with adequate kutai for our needs, we were soon climbing the hill to the Gun emplacements from WW2 for some more navigation and stunning views of the Bay. Abby first to the top with her camera recording the event.  The ship awaits our return and the opportunity of a rock fish for Ben and Ethan, using up the bait from the previous day before the sunsets and the moon rises, we cross again to Whale Bay and a calm overnight anchorage.  Trainees are all over the ship, anchoring, hoisting the tender, in the galley, taking ownership of the adventure as the realisation dawns we are on our last two sleeps. One more full day tomorrow and already the programme is full.

The evening meal is underway, warm and aromatic, mixed with laughter and shouts of outrageous card play, the ukulele with new tunes as we hunker down for the night

Po marie