Ahoj! from the good ship R. Tucker Thompson.

Voyage 1806 has begun! Our 11 new trainees are already bonding well and joking around. After leaving family and friends in Opua, they set their hands at setting sail for the first time. Chief and Cyrus providing some speedy strength hauling on the halyards to rise the foresail just in time before in began to rain hard. That was enough sail to begin, especially with gusty squally weather rolling in over the hill. All but the captain Ari went below decks to shelter. They played a name game to get to know each other and then had time to up pack before lunch. Ankit finished quickly and was first up on deck in the new sunshine.

First to take the helm and learn how to steer the ship and keep look out. Soon after Ryley, Archer and E.J. also steered the ship for some time. Arriving at our destination near the black rocks all hands helped lower and stow the foresail and watched as the anchor was dropped. Lunchtime! Mac and cheese. Faye, E.J., and Catlin volunteered to get dishes done, cheers guys! Then it was a bit more orientation of the ship above and below decks including safety equipment. The anchorage faced a beautiful white sandy beach on Moturoa Island. Which the captain said “All will be going on shore for a walk on to some old WW2 defence emplacements.”

Pierre and Zyne quickly offered to help pump up the “tender” (our little outboard boat) which got the job done quickly. Everyone got a ride on it to get ashore. On the walk up the hill there was plenty of moaning and groaning but everyone made it. After taking our own track through the bush and sliding in the mud we made our way back to the beach for some beach games.

Back on the ship, we pulled the anchor up with Maioha flaking the chain successfully.

Now, the ship is moving to a better anchorage to stay secure for the night up in Te Puna Inlet. The weather forecast says strong southerlys are coming so we’ll be battening down the hatches and staying warm inside tonight!

Por marie till tomorrows blog.