Ahoj from the  Good Ship R.Tucker Thompson, and what a good day it was. From the early morning swim, well not that early, a restful morning waiting on the sun. We were dressed and began our duties, getting Tucker tidy and ready for the day. Then breakfast and chat about the day ahead, around the deck getting familiar with the lines, locations and handling in preparation for an afternoon sail. While awaiting our fourth crew member, Colette, we had time and tide in our favour for beach games, pass the rakau, helium stick, and more maori games before a quick hike out to the wetland hide for some pateke observations.  Out to the pa for some plant pest control,  hand pulling wattle and watching adult shags feeding their chicks.  The track back full of saddleback calls and then back on board for lunch and dishes. Then all hands on deck as we hoisted the main sail with humour and encouragement from all. Then the foresail and headsails were set as we eased the helm. Knots were learnt on the passage into Onewhero before tacking through Kent Passage and round the north side of Moturoa to our overnight anchorage at Sandy bay. The Tucker Challenge was offered for the next activity and Daemon then Ngataiawa  were soon edging their way out on the yard to complete the challenge. Then Mazaine was up for the girls and challenging herself, Kate was soon stretching out to touch the end. While this was happening Hannah, Luke, Bailey and Sihrene  were testing themselves on the shrouds to various heights then resting. Santana with the shortest arms had the most to do, Bridgette was quickly up and clipping her way to a bracelet, Ivan waited his turn then rushed up for his chance, Gemma was the last before a distant shower and squall chased us all down for the day. All trainees have already made friends and support each other in the day’s activities as they did during the hour of the challenge.

The galley is warming the whole ship thankfully, the classroom an ideal place to take in some lessons and time to let you know what we been up to. The wind is favourable for a good sail up the coast to the Cavalli Islands and Whangaroa Harbour.

Po marie